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Vincent Elliot joins the team

It seems as if we are posting about new team members on a pretty regular basis, but that is only to be expected when there is so much happening at 75 Squared marketing. But any operation is only as good as its Operations Manager so please join us in welcoming Vincent Elliot into that role.

Vincent was previously a Customer Complaints Manager for Nationwide but decided that rather than be on the receiving end of negativity he would be better suited to being on the driving end of creativity. With this in mind he jumped ship, retrained and popped up on the company radar at the perfect moment.

Craig’s recollection of the interview is that he can’t ever remember talking to someone with so many fresh and innovative ideas right out of the starting blocks and so he obviously felt like the perfect fit right from the first moment. We look forward to where his ideas take this ever evolving company and there is a feeling in the office that there are now literally no longer any boundaries.

Dave Franklin

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