The times they are a-changing

It says something about a company to have achieved so much, in such a short time, with such a small team. For the last four years 75 Squared has been centered on just one person, founder Craig Bibby, and three sub-contractors working out of a small office. The company built up a strong portfolio of core clients and rather than concentrate on advertising to try and artificially grow an expansive client base instead have always relied on return business from its long, lasting and loyal customers. This is something that speaks volumes about the quality of the work and the reputation that the company has built for itself.


But that was then and this is now and whilst the basic tenets that the company has founded on and grew with remains very much in place, a lot is changing too. Although originally based around web design, the range of products, solutions, experience and expertise now at the heart of the company means that it is better described as a marketing company with wider scope and vision towards a clients business needs.


And with an expanded range of products and solutions comes a new office, in The Shaftesbury Centre in the old industrial heart of Swindon’s railway heritage and a team now grown to 5 members of staff and plans for at least three more recruits in the next 3 months. There is now a much bigger advertising budget with which to help promote the company to a wider world and plans to set up offices in Bristol, Oxford, Birmingham and Liverpool within the year.


But life is a two-way street and aside from the business there are plans to give something back as well. This will revolve around the setting up of a charity that will help promote youth clubs for youngsters, to give them somewhere to go and help create a sense of community, something that is in danger of being forgotten in the modern world.

It just shows you that if you build your company on solid foundations, even in these difficult times, it can grow, evolve and flourish in very exciting ways. The company has come a long way in just four years and who knows where 75 Squared will be in another four?

Dave Franklin

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