Even as recently as last year the option to have your business website available to mobile users was still a matter of preference. Now to have a highly ranked website that gives easy access to customers is nothing less than an absolute necessity.


Having no mobile site or even having a poorly optimized and designed one means that your users on mobiles devices such as phones and tablets will automatically be finding and using the services of your more technically switched on competitor rather than yours. We have become so used to attractive, engaging and easy to use websites being available on our mobile devices that if yours falls short of consumer expectation, the results are instantaneous. Goodbye and they are heading off to the next one.

Even businesses with a basic mobile site have to make changes just to stay within search engines rules and preferences. Long gone are the days when we have to pinch, zoom and fiddle with websites on our phone, instead they should be clear, bold and easy to navigate on one screen.  Anything less just isn’t worth the time of day and once the damage is done nothing will get that browser, or to give them a better name, prospective client, back.


Google’s new requirements mean if your site isn’t a well-designed, easy to use and relevant mobile version of your main website then they won’t recommend you to their users. Several of our clients who declined the offer of a new or redesigned mobile site have since been in touch to ask us why they are slipping down the rankings in Google. And of course the answer is not rocket science. We need to remember that Google’s sole job is to find its users websites which best suit their needs.

So if a site has the right content, is well established, is linked and liked by others and also has a user friendly mobile site then up you go in the ranking and get to step forward and make your pitch to the world. However if any of the above is missing, down the rankings you go, slipping behind all of those competitors who have taken the time to get things right.  A high Google ranking is their just reward whilst you are consigned to a murky backwaters of the digital world.


75 Squared is here to help your business get the attention it deserves by designing and implementing a new or exciting mobile site for you, one which is not only visible on all portable devices but which will get top marks from Google’s mobile SEO requirements.


We like to be hands on and get involved with the ideas process. There is nothing more important to us than our clients, but you have come to us for a reason so don’t always expect us to follow the cliché that the ‘client is always right.’ We are not merely “yes men and women” a fact which our clients are always grateful of.


Year on year our business is growing and it’s a simple but effective ethos we go by. If our customers are successful, we are successful.


So lets be successful together.

Why Choose us

Here comes the sales pitch

The bond between business marketing companies and the clients they work with can often draw parallels with real world romantic relationships. Is your current situation the equivalent of a one-night stand, which has left you feeling used or is it like a long term relationship that the sparkle has gone out of but that you stay in because it is comfortable and easy?

Maybe you just need a good friend, one who is attentive to your needs but with no strings attached. That’s how we view our customers and that isn’t just a continuation of the analogy we are using here, we are often found socialising with our clients beyond the strictly business requirements, having a coffee and a chat or a glass of something and a laugh.

Our relationship with our client doesn’t come to an end when the bill is settled, we prefer to think of ourselves as that friend you can turn to when you and your business needs a bit of help.

You may think that the starting point for a working relationship is a high-powered business meeting, flash suits and power-point presentations. Well, not for us, we start with a coffee and a chat. Before we can understand your company’s needs we need to understand a bit about you, why you are even in business and where you are hoping it will take you.

Once we know who you are and you know a bit about us, then we can get to work. No two businesses are the same, even if they are in the same sector of the market, because no two people are the same. We don’t offer “off the peg” packages and hope they fit every client, we pride ourselves in tailoring something to your very specific needs, not just you as a business but you as a person; accommodating every individual strength, preference, view and quirk that makes you who you are. And we can only do that once we get to know you a bit better.

Forget all the big business showmanship, that first informal chat over a coffee with us might be the most important meeting you ever have in the business world. It won’t cost you a penny and we’ll even buy the biscuits.

Paying for services up front, especially for ones which only exist in a digital world is often a risky business, requiring an act of trust and sometimes nothing less than a leap of faith. We always want our clients to feel comfortable with the working arrangement so we are happy to take away the risk.

We only ask that you pay 50% of the agreed cost up front whilst we design, build and implement the services you have chosen. Only once you are totally happy with the work and it has been signed off to your total satisfaction will you be asked for the remaining money. So what have you got to lose?

Our only aim is to provide the perfect solution to your businesses needs and getting that right comes much higher up the list than sending you the bill. We would much rather spend more time and effort developing, evolving and fine-tuning our services until they are perfect fit for your business than see you walk away less than satisfied. We pride ourselves on going beyond our clients expectations and if that means pulling a few late shifts or missing lunch then it is a small price to pay for happy, and therefore returning, clients.

Remember when you had to search for half a dozen different companies to provide the various services that you needed to keep your business properly supported? Well, thankfully those days are long gone. You probably don’t by your TV, telephone and Internet services from different suppliers any more so why should you approach your business in the same old-fashioned way?

Consider us a one-stop shop, a place where you can get everything your business needs to compete in the modern world, from web design to print services, video to sales, marketing to content writing and much more besides, all at the end of one quick phone call.

But don’t go thinking that because we can offer such a comprehensive range of services we are a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. We have purposefully and carefully expanded our team to include people experienced in all necessary fields, specialists dedicated to each aspect of the business, not general staff trying to juggle everything.

We have the most innovative designers, knowledgeable programmers, dynamic salespersons, eloquent writers, cutting edge apps craftsman and everything in between. With us you can be safe in the knowledge that every aspect of your business is supported by an expert in their field.

testimonials from our clients

what our clients say about us
“Hi Craig, Just wanted to drop you a note to say a big thank you to the team for all your help and assistance in designing and compiling our new website. It’s just what we wanted, very easy to use together with offering features that enables the consumer to engage. Feedback received to date has been extremely positive.”


We're proud to work with them