Drum roll please…it’s Annie Hollands

It seems that not a month goes by that we don’t have a new announcement to make on the staff front and this month is no different, so we would like to introduce you to Annie Hollands. Annie brings 10 years of sales experience to the company and has worked in a variety of industries everything from international oil companies to more local businesses such as The Swindon Advertiser. Her outgoing personality, happy demeanour and affable nature makes her the perfect addition to our fast growing team and she will be working along side Warren Bibby to expand the scope of the sales department.

Her joining means that sales can be conducted in a more targeted fashion with Warren concentrating on approaching larger, national companies and Annie using her experience in local sales to work with Swindon based businesses. Annie is perfect for this role, being that rare combination of team player and self-sufficient solo operator and regards her joining 75 Squared as the right opportunity at the right time as the company continues to expand. We certainly have to agree with her on that point.

If you think that salespeople are normally just focused on closing a deal then Annie will change your opinion. She is polite, is never without a smile, a great listener and is totally customer focused, so much so that getting to know her clients over a cup of coffee is always the starting point.

And with that in mind there are still more plans for additions to the work force so it is likely that it won’t be long before we are starting another post with “It seems that not a month goes by….”

Dave Franklin

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