Design Trends 2017

Technology is often the victim of its own success. It seems that no sooner does progress build pathways into new innovative pastures that they become clogged up with traffic and grind to a halt. Take social media newsfeeds, once a creative and fresh way of staying in touch and disseminating information but now so full of background noise, pictures of cats and pointless debates that it is often difficult to get your message across. That’s why at 75 Squared we pride ourselves on being able to build eye catching content and marketing solutions so that your brand really stands out against the competition.

But great design is no longer just about turning the prospective clients head, it is also about delivering your message quickly and simply. The world is a fast moving place these days so we have to move faster. To help your business stay ahead of the game we offer some simple yet innovative options for your on-line marketing.


Attention spans are at an all time low at a mere 8 seconds, which means that the window of opportunity needs to be filled by something, simple but memorable. One effective solution is the use of animation. The beauty of animation is that it quickly captures and holds the attention through colourful and compelling content but more than that it often appeals to people in a way that makes them want to share it online. Once they do that, they are doing the work for you.

Bold Colours

2017 is the year of bright and bold colours and bright and bold branding. Newsfeeds seem full of grey, drab tones and pastel hues so the use of bold colours is needed to make an impact. By adopting this approach regarding everything from your website to your business cards, your logo to your Facebook posts you will be creating a brilliant first impression.

Original Illustration

It always pays to be original and when it comes to design imagery you really have a great opportunity to stand out. The use of stock imagery is out of fashion,  modern audience are looking for cool designs and creative imagery that really reflect their identity. But there is also a practical side to the right use of illustration as research has shown that posts with images receive 150% more retweets than those without. This explains the move away from text based platforms and towards pictures which as we all know can paint a thousand words.

Being Mobile

Mobile browsing overtook desktop usage last year so it obviously pays for your business to be optimised for more than just desktop access. We are also living in a world of second screeners, a working population who can be on-line on any number of devices at any given time, so having your website fully responsive for every possible platform is the only way to operate.

Video, video, video!

Video is the perfect way to tell stories, communicate and market your business, from Instagram to live streams, it is the single most important on-line marketing innovation of recent times. Statistics also show that 46% of global customers make a purchase after watching a branded video so not being on the ball with video marketing means you could actually be halving your potential market.

Dave Franklin

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