Cheap isn’t always cheerful, especially when it comes to marketing.

One of the first things clients naturally want to know about our services is what is it going to cost them. This is often followed by them explaining that what they are ideally looking for is a solution that is “nice and cheap.” Our reply, that we are not cheap but competitively priced might not be the answer that they are looking for, or at least not the answer that they think they are looking for. But once we explain our reasons then it all makes a bit more sense.

It is all a matter of scale. We could build you a cheap but serviceable website for, say,  £400, it will probably do the job, attract a certain amount of new interest and bring new business to your door. The ten new customers who decide to spend money with you might seem to justify the outlay and their £50 profit in each case more than covers the cost of the website.

But what if we offer you something better, something, which goes beyond the task required, and which costs you maybe £2000. But why would anyone in his or her right mind feel the need to spend 5 times the amount if they don’t have to? Because this time you are paying for a website which includes better marketing tools, is streamlined with social media and is more attractive, informative and easy to use for the client. What if that website brought you 100 new customers at £50 each to your door?  It is all a matter of scale.

They say that you get what you pay for, it may be a cliché but it is a cliché for a reason, because it is true. So if you want to invest in your own future business, play a longer term game and have the tools in front of you which go way beyond just a quick fix, then it pays to look not just at the cost but the value you are getting in return for your hard earned cash.

Dave Franklin

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