‘Appy days! We now do mobile Apps

Because the modern on-line business world is no longer primarily accessed through large, monolithic desktop slabs or even sleeker looking yet still cumbersome laptops, but increasingly through the mobile phone, new directions and areas of expertise are always opening up to businesses. One area is mobile applications or Apps.
Everyone has an App these days. TV shows, web sites, major multinational corporations, even the taxi firm next door conducts its business through an iPhone app. So we thought we should keep up with the times and embrace the modern age.
Phones are smart, we all know that, there is even a clue in the name…smartphone….so anything you can do from that aforementioned desktop, you can also do via a phone. Apps just avoid all that book marking and messing about with URL bars and instead offer a one-touch option to accessing your favourite sites and services.
Long thought to be built from a blend of technology and the dark arts, we have managed to unlock the secrets of this not so ancient craft and can now offer App design as yet another option from the menu of products we offer.
Dave Franklin

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