Website Design

A good web design starts with a cup of coffee. We do sites that look great on desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets. We are experts in both the digital and the real world so your site will look great, be engaging for your viewers and coded with search engines in mind.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)is for all those attention seekers. SEO is the brains behind your website. You can have the best looking site in the world but if your site isn’t coded correctly for search engines then no one will see it and your sales will come in at a big fat zero.

Mobile Website Design

It’s not a choice to have a  mobile site nowadays, it’s a must. With over 55% of all online content being viewed on a mobile or tablet, search engines have changed the way they list your site. If you don’t make it user friendly, it will affect your ranking position.

other services we offer

Graphic design

We offer a full graphic design and rebranding service. A large percentage of our web design clients take full business branding aswell. This includes buisness card, leaflets, social media and even vehicle signage design and print. Contact us to rebrand your new or existing business today.


We offer a full online E-commerce (online shop) service. We offer a service that allows our clients to sell good or services online and includes everything from website, payment gateway, delivery details and social media awareness. Start selling today.

Social Media

Some people still don’t see the huge potential in social media sites. They think they are a lot of hard work and even annoying. Social media is brilliant for keeping in contact with your customers and finding new customers. We will create and manage your social media for you so you don’t have the hassle.

Website Facelift

Do you already have a website but want a new modern or mobile design ? We can help and as you already have the content available it costs a fraction of the price of of a new design. So if you want to freshen up your site or the technology has become outdated we have exactly what you want. The process is quick and simple so why not give us a call today to see how we can help. Don’t be left behind by your competitors.

website security

Just like everyday technology, the more features we add to our sites the easier they become vulnerable and can be attacked. This can happen in the blink of a eye and means you incur charges to get your site online again  also your website will be down and that looks bad to your customers. We offer a full service with a monthly fee that backs up your site and instantly re-installs your website if attacked and no one is any the wiser it was infected.

content management

We offer a content management system to our customers with all our sites. This allows the customer to update and change their sites themselves and saves them a lot of time and money. Its so easy to use, it’s as simple as ebay. Fill in the boxes and change your website content with no programming experience or software required. Also this can be done on any computer in the world with a internet connection.